Le jardin vert

Magnificent bottom (perhaps seabed would be better!!) at depths between 8 and 40 meters, site has slight slope, wreck of a small sailing boat with parrotfish, french angelfish, royal angelfish, triggerfish gray and crayfish.

Level 1 and above

Les 3 Vallees

From 4 to 50 meters, numerous overhangs traversed by alleys and valleys of white sand, where you meet rock fish, turtles, leopard rays, angelfish, chromis bleus, octopus, triggerfish gray and murènes serpentines.

All proficiency levels

The Diamant Rock

Must be one of the most beautiful dives in the Caribbean Sea. The site is 20 minutes away by boat, at the foot of the Diamond Rock. The route of the dive requires you to traverse the rock by a large fissure, magnificent underwater scenery, presence of numerous grottos with crystal clear water teeming with fish and crayfish

Level 1 and above